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Version: 3.0.0

DevOopsJavaPlugin - How to Use


To use sbt-devoops for a Java project, add the following line to build.sbt


It has

  • javaVersion setting
  • set crossPaths and autoScalaLibrary to false
  • default javacOptions: -source and -target set to the javaVersion above, -Xlint:unchecked, and set -encoding to UTF-8
  override lazy val projectSettings: Seq[Setting[_]] = Seq(
javaVersion := "1.8", // 1.8 is default if not specified otherwise.
crossPaths := false,
autoScalaLibrary := false,
javacOptions ++= Seq(
"-source", javaVersion.value,
"-target", javaVersion.value,
"-encoding", "UTF-8"